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  1. SPES has been established for HEMA enthusiasts and practitioners. You will find here HEMA gear necessary for sword fighting and historical fencing training. Our HEMA equipment increases safety and freedom of movement thanks to high functionality and quality of used materials
  2. SPES - LOBSTER HEMA-Handschuh . Benachrichtigen Sie mich, sobald der Artikel lieferbar ist. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen. Ich habe die Datenschutzbestimmungen zur Kenntnis genommen. 165,71 € * inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten. Lieferzeit 40-50 Tage ** Größe: In den Warenkorb. Vergleichen . Merken. Bewerten . Artikel-Nr.: SCHU00561V1-1 ; Beschreibung Bewertungen 0.
  3. SPES; Red Dragon HEMA; Club Member . Club Orders. If you are a member of a recognised HEMA group or organisation then you may be entitled to a discounted club price. Just follow the steps below and you'll be getting a discounted rate before long. Your group has to be registered with us. We need the head of your group to contact us with a list of members within your group. We will send our.
  4. Trade Orders. The HEMA Shop is part of The Knight Shop International Ltd, manufacturers and distributors for many of the products shown on this site. We currently supply businesses in Europe, USA and Australia and are always looking for new stockists. If you are a re-seller and interested in stocking our products please contact us on trade@theknightshop.com or call +44 (0) 1492 541300 and ask.
  5. Light SPES HEMA Gloves are designed for sparring with lighter swords such as saber, dussack, épée, or rapier. Once again we suggest that you use SPES fingers protectors, even though these gauntlets are meant for sparrings with lighter swords
  6. Lichtschwert Langes TRNAVA-Feder by PR Rapier SPES - LOBSTER HEMA WT - RG Fechtmaske Langschwert Regenyei Practical SPES - AP Swingschwert DM - HOG Glove RD HEMA Regenyei HEMA HEMA SPES - BLACK Einhandschwert Krähenfüße aus Einhandschwert Fechtmaske PBT Federschwert SPES - Tinker Fechtrapier mit SPES - Axel SPES - Body RD SPES - Geko SPES.

SPES Dueling Light Gloves 100% Synthetic Material. No Animal materials used. Fencing Gloves designed for HEMA training with light weapon such as light saber, épée or rapier. They are not meant to be used with Feder or heavy sword. With foam filling quilted on cuff, metacarpus and fingers. Cuff has a slit fastened with Velcro tape HEMA verwendet Cookies und ähnliche Technologien, um Ihnen ein optimales Benutzererlebnis zu bieten, Ihnen relevante Werbeanzeigen bereitzustellen und Ihr Surfverhalten nachzuverfolgen. Diese Cookies ermöglichen es HEMA oder ihren verbundenen Drittunternehmen, Ihr Surfverhalten auf dieser Website und auf den Websites Dritter zu überwachen. Somit ist HEMA in der Lage, Werbeanzeigen auf Ihre Gute Fechtjacken mit maximaler Beweglichkeit gibt es bei SPES Historical Fencing Gear. Der Trend geht zur Fechtjacke mit 800N Durchstoßfestigkeit, wie z.B. die ARCEM Hema Jacke. Ellbogenschutz, Knieschutz, Brustschutz, Unterleibschutz. Zusätzliche Schoner für Unterarm, Knie und Ellbogen machen für den härteren Freikampf Sinn, ein Brustschutz schützt den Brustbereich vor Stichen und ein. Im Verein 'SPES Zukunftsmodelle e.V.' haben sich Menschen zusammen geschlossen die zur Stärkung der Lebensqualität beitragen wollen. Hier werden. Methoden zur Bürgerbeteiligung, Modelle für Nahversorgung und Nachbarschaftshilfe, Konzepte im Blick auf den demographischen Wandel, Initiativen für die Stärkung regionaler Wirtschaftskreisläufe ; und weitere Zukunftsmodelle entwickelt. Der.

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  1. The SPES Heavies are designed to protect your hands from injury during training in historical fencing. These gloves provide full coverage for all five fingers in a lobster design. The pockets are separated into a thumb slot, index and middles finger slot, and ring and pinkie fingers slot
  2. Spes (lateinisch; ‚ Hoffnung ') ist eine geistliche Tugend und in der römischen Mythologie die Personifikation der Hoffnung, besonders auf Kinder und gute Ernte. Ihre Entsprechung in der griechischen Mythologie war Elpis
  3. Im Verein 'SPES Zukunftsmodelle e.V.' haben sich Menschen zusammen geschlossen die zur Stärkung der Lebensqualität beitragen wollen, indem sie Methoden zur Bürgerbeteiligung, Modelle für Nahversorgung und Nachbarschaftshilfe, Konzepte im Blick auf den demographischen Wandel, Initiativen für die Stärkung regionaler Wirtschaftskreisläufe und weitere Zukunftsmodelle entwickeln

Medieval clothing - Medieval Market. At Medieval Market website we offer you a large choice of articles related to medieval reenactment. We try our best to make our assortment in highest quality and essentially reliable Just like in Officer 350N, Officer Level 2 is based on classic historical fencing outfits. Alfred Hutton, who lived at the turn of XIX and XX century and.. Somos una empresa chilena innovadora, dedicada a la investigación, desarrollo, fabricación, comercialización y distribución a nivel nacional e internacional de productos alimenticios y de uso industrial, formulando productos enriquecidos con Omega -3 para consumo humano y animal, pinturas para demarcación vial y aditivos para uso industrial, con el propósito de satisfacer plenamente a.

SPES once again proved why they're a leading manufacturer of HEMA equipment with a fantastic SPES Hussar HEMA Jacket. This jacket has 800N (standard EN 16567: Level 2) of puncture resistance. It is an entirely breathable jacket, covered by hexagon pads on shoulders, chest, and back, a plastic elbow protector, and plastic inserts on forearms A review of the SPES 'AP' Light Jacket, for HEMA fencing/sword fighting. http://histfenc.com/productcart/ap-light-fencing-jacket-350

Producer: Spes Historical Fencing Gear; Description. The Processing and Delivery time for this item is 4-6 weeks. HEMA Plastron Level 2 is a type of plastron with a larynx guard, dedicated for HEMA. We recommend it to coaches, beginners, and HEMAists who want to increase the level of their protection. This HEMA chest guard is completely made of materials with 800N puncture resistance, and its. Was SPES falling behind some of the other vendors who are trying to tackle HEMA gear problems with passion? So, when the Officer's Jacket came onto the market, I plopped money down and waited to see what SPES has been up to. Review Experience / Methodology. I purchased the jacket at full price from SPES USA. I am personal friends with the. All the HEMA protective gear designed and manufactured by the most famous brands : red dragon armoury, Spes historical Fencing and of course Faits d'Armes. 79,00€ Fencing mask 350N . Fencing mask suited for Historical Eurpean Martials Arts and Historical Fencing. Resistance 350 Newton Strong metalic mesh Padded linen Protective bib. Fencing mask suited for Historical Eurpean Martials Arts.

Übersetzung Latein-Deutsch für spes im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Gratis Vokabeltrainer, Verbtabellen, Aussprachefunktion SPES don't recommend this method, but it seems that some people have had success with it, myself included. So there you have it - some further ideas about washing a SPES jacket. I hope this helps. Coffee = Writing. If you would like to support my writing efforts, please consider donating a little something towards my coffee fund! Keith Farrell. Keith Farrell teaches HEMA professionally. SPES Historical Fencing Gear - Gen. Józefa Bema 91-105, 87-100 Torun, Poland - Rated 4.9 based on 21 Reviews By far the best customer service, along..

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  1. HEMA is alive! ⚔️ Do you remember when we encouraged you to keep training? Now you can prove yourself in an exceptional international online competition..
  2. SPES Heavy - Lobster-tail Gauntlet version 1.2 with FREE SHIPPING Built of heat formed Polypropylene articulated onto natural and synthetic leather, these gauntlets are equipped with a heavily padded mitten-style fighting glove with a nash palm and a plate reinforced and fully padded cuff that extends down from the bend of the wrist about 4.5 (or 11cm)
  3. g popular, iconic designs into a new market standard. Affordable and practical CEN Level 1 (350N) garments to provide the necessary protection to every HEMAist. Challenge Heavy Jacket. Diamond Duelist Jacket. Premium Line 800N Level 2 . This products range represents the new state of the art of HEMA garments.
  4. SPES heavies (Official club recommendation): $195.00 . There is no perfect HEMA glove, but these will give you the best chance of going home with all ten digits. They sacrifice mobility and dexterity for protection; the flared cuffs work really well with the SPES jacket. Consider adding blast caps to the thumb
  5. Küchenstudio Spies | Willkommen. Unsere erfahrenen Küchenspezialisten lassen Ihre Traumküche Wirklichkeit werden: Egal ob Sie einen Neubau planen oder eine bestehende Küche modernisieren möchten
  6. categories HEMA clothing HEMA masks HEMA protectors Armoury HEMA gloves HEMA bags Product exchange Books,DVDs. featured products. HEMA 800N EVOLUTION LIGHT jacket... 214,63 €FOR EU 169,00 €NON EU. details . Multifunctional HEMA rollbag and... 163,83 €FOR EU 129,00 €NON EU. details . Extended chest protector for men. 31,75 €FOR EU 25,00 €NON EU. details . HEMA 800N EVOLUTION LIGHT.

Officer HEMA Jacket - 350N - SPES. Price €195.00 See more Add to cart Hussar HEMA Jacket - 800N - SPES Hussar Fencing Jacket, with a 800N rating and high level of protection against hits. Price €395.00 See more Add to cart Silverback HEMA Jacket- Ladies. Despite being modeled on historical designs of gambeson these jackets are usually not called a gambeson within HEMA clubs but it wouldn't be incorrect to consider them a HEMA gambeson. These padded fencing jackets are the main type of armor used in HEMA clubs. They are made from puncture resistance material from companies such as Red Dragon, SPES, Super Fencing and so on. They are made.


  1. SPES HEMA Plastron 800N . Protective HEMA plastron Collar with bladecatcher to protect the throat 800N certified (level2) Fastening adjustable to all body types. Protective HEMA plastron Collar with bladecatcher to protect the..
  2. Dieses Jahr hat Spes eine neue, leichtere Variante herausgebracht. Diese Variante verwendet statt der in Stoff eingenähten Kunststoffstreifen das Material Styrogum. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Art harten Kautschuk, welche auch bei Schuhsohlen verwendet wird und ist bei Polnischen HEMA-Ausrüstungserzeugern sehr beliebt
  3. SPES Vectir Forearm and Elbow Protectors Version 2.0 - Pair The Forearm Protectors decrease risk of injury for historical fencing. They are made of sturdy fabric with super-hard low-profile plastic inserts. The design was developed and tested in conjunction with the historical fencing school VECTIR, located in Poland. The Shell Elbow Protectors are an extension to the forearm protectors for.

SPES heavy gloves v. 1.0 upgraded available since 1.05.2014. Upgrades in comparison to the 0.9 version:-more comfortable gloves with three fingers,-increased protection and stiffening of the thumb thanks to applying more protective elements, -additional layer of leather stiffens and protects the wrist and the palm,-the leather belt with a buckle gives the possibility of a better adjustment of. Does anyone have any experience with the JF Fencing Jacket from SPES? I quite like the slim look and buttons - and it does have the 350N puncture resistance, but on the site it says It is dedicated for light historical fencing trainings. Just how light is that? I would be using it for rapier work, but I know some people from the club are quite fond of cutting with rapiers, and able to put. Polish gear for Historic European Martial Arts: protective gear and steel, wooden, synthetis and foam weapons. Website: Histfenc.com Facebook news: SPES Historical Fencing Gea

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SPES Instructional Support Helpline. Monday-Friday 4-6pm K and 1 CLICK HERE. 2 and 3 CLICK HERE. Click here to fill out an absence note for your child. Program Request Change. Program Request Change Information - English & Spanish. September Newsletter October Newsletter November Newsletter December Newsletter Free / Reduced Lunch. If you have not submitted a completed free/reduced lunch. Tag: spes. Review: SPES Dussack Waster. Posted by Roger Norling | Apr 4, 2014 | Reviews, Swords, Training Gear reviews | Given how important the dusack has been both in the fencing schools and tournaments, all the way... Read More. Review: SPES HEMA Jacket - Axel P model. Posted by Roger Norling | Dec 27, 2013 | Protective gear, Reviews, Training Gear reviews | Looking at how the HEMA.

SPES Historical Fencing Gear, Toruń. 8,237 likes · 104 talking about this. SPES Historical Fencing Gear came into existence with the idea of enhancing your safety during training in the Historic.. Heavy Armored Full Gauntlets by SPES HEMA WMA SCA Medieval Upgraded Thumb $234.0. Heavy Armored Full Gauntlets by SPES HEMA WMA SCA Medieval Upgraded Thumb $234.0. Follow Us! Search. Latest; Comments; Tags; The Best July 4th Fireworks on the East Coast June 15, 2016; June Solstice Sun Print Art June 13, 2016; Shavuot Ice Cream Recipe June 10, 2016; Summer Solstice Activities for Kids June 8. HEMA 800N EVOLUTION FULL PROTECTIVE jacket for men. 248,92 €FOR EU 196,00 €NON EU. details . HEMA 800N EVOLUTION full protective jacket for men WHITE. 248,92 €FOR EU 196,00 €NON EU. details . HEMA 800N EVOLUTION LIGHT jacket for men. 214,63 €FOR EU 169,00 €NON EU. details . HEMA 800N EVOLUTION LIGHT jacket for men WHITE. 214,63 €FOR EU 169,00 €NON EU. details . 1 2. 2011. Posts about SPES written by B. Krustev. Are 450 USD too much for the Duke Nukem Forever of HEMA gloves? Maybe so, maybe not, but this is the price of the Pro Gauntlet, as can be seen on the website of American supplier Purpleheart Armory

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Oct 26, 2014 - Our company is pleased to offer you the highest quality gear and fencing equipment. We offer equipment to match the events carried out by HEMAC SPES Historical Fencing Gear - Gen. Józefa Bema 91-105, 87-100 Torun, Poland - ocena 4.9 glede na 21 mnenj »By far the best customer service, along with.. SPES gloves are way better at protection than sparring gloves, except on the tips of fingers and thumbs. I've gotten hit full force on the hand with a steel and didn't even feel it. I like the inner glove on the SPES heavies as well. It's a bit more comfortable to me than bare hands. But because of this, they need to be broken in a bit to really move around HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) is a growing community of dedicated martial artists recreating the techniques and traditions from the fighting schools of Europe. These disciplines include work with the longsword, single-hand sword and buckler, dagger, wrestling and more. In addition to localized study groups armored and un-armored (blossfechten) tournament fighting is being held in. Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) is one of the toughest sports on the planet. The Titan range combines cutting edge protective technology from Leon Paul with the traditional manufacturing techniques of the historical Polish armoury SPES. The 800N HEMA range uses the same fabrics we use for FIE certified sport fencing garments

Spes Development Corporation is a Massachusetts Non-Profit Corporation filed on June 3, 2016. Daniel P Johnson from Medway MA, Hema Virani from Bayside NY, Jeffrey C Gorley from Passaic NJ, Octavien A Spanner from Methuen MA, Patricia A Encina from Charlestown MA, and Tomas Michel from Lawrence MA. Company Information : Company Name: SPES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION: File Number: 001226280. HEMA Hoodie aus aus strapazierfähigem Stoff mit 350N Stichfestigkeit und einen mit Schaumstoff gepolsterten Keelkopfschutz. Der Stoff verfügt über Silberionen mit antibakterieller Wirkung. Auf der linken Innenseite des Hoodies befindet sich eine praktische Tasche


Buy the SPES HEMA Shin Guards with confidence from the UK's leading HEMA protection retailer. Length: 25cm Width, straight on top: 10cm Width, along the bend, on top: 13cm. All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece. SKU: LP-SNGU-UN-BL. Availability: In stock. Excl. Tax: £13.32 Incl. Tax: £15.98 . Excl. Tax: £13.32 Incl. Tax: £15.98 . Qty: Add to Cart. Add to. Oct 21, 2018 - Buy the SPES Light Duelling HEMA Gloves for sale in our UK Shop. Buy sparring swords, helmets, armour and clothing for HEMA, display, and theatr Die Titan Range 800N HEMA Jacke wurde in Kooperation von Leon Paul, polnischen Top-HEMA- Fechtern und dem HEMA Hersteller SPES entwickelt und produziert. Aus 800N Stoff mit fechtspezifischen Nähten designed und mit einer Menge an weiteren Features, die das Sicherheitslever erhöhen. • Einzigartiges System mit 10 internen Taschen für HDF-Einsätze, um die einwirkenden Kräfte auf Körper.

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Glossar: Die Fechtmaske ist einer der wichtigste Ausrüstungsteil in historisches fechten und schützt den Kopf vor Stichen und Hieben.Sie sollte über eine Energieabsorption von 1600 Newton und zusätzlich über einen Hinterkopfschutz, der speziell für die historische europäische Fechtkunst entwickelt wurde verfügen Just another awesome shot from Fior di Battaglia for the beginning of week. ️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GoQlvc_H3s #HistoricalFencin SPES Historical Fencing Gear hat tolle Preise zur Verfügung gestellt! Vielen Dank! SPES sponsored das DÜRER Turnier . Markiert in: Altdorf Andreas Fuchs Bastian Tilgner Bayern Bogenschießen Bogenschießen lernen DDHF Dolch Dürer Dürerturnier Eckental Edmund Wasinger Erlangen Eva Tilgner Fechten Forchheim Franken HEMA Hersbruck Historisches Fechten Erlangen Historisches Fechten Lauf. SPES Historical Fencing Gear - Wapienna 46, 87-100 Toruń - Ocena 4.9 na podstawie 1 ocena By far the best customer service, along with a great quality,.. Diese Cookies ermöglichen es HEMA oder ihren verbundenen Drittunternehmen, Ihr Surfverhalten auf dieser Website und auf den Websites Dritter zu überwachen. Somit ist HEMA in der Lage, Werbeanzeigen auf Ihre Langschwert Fechtjacke Die Standard HEMA Fechtjacke schlechthin für das Lange Schwert ist die SPES AP 350N für 199€. Wenn die Jacke.

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Szanuj przeciwnika! #HEMA #HistoricalFencing. Mehr von SPES Historical Fencing Gear auf Facebook anzeige lobster heavy gloves - spes for engaged hema sparring. we continue to supply you with combat and survival equipment . home; sticks. rattan sticks of kali eskrima. cases for rattan sticks. training sticks. padded sticks . redman stick; self-defense sticks; junior foam sticks; kali fighting sticks; training tonfas. kubotan - pocket sticks. law enforcement clubs. telescopic sticks. blades.

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SPES Locust Fencing Pants 350N These breeches are specially designed for historical fencing training. They are high-waisted with suspenders, and the legs end just below the knee. Custom Size option: include your measurements (according to the Sizing chart) in the Comment section during checkout. You must include all 4 measurements. Please enter measurements in centimeters with no punctuation. Buy the SPES Lobster Heavy HEMA Sparring Gloves with confidence from the UK's leading HEMA protection retailer. Additional Information. Additional Information. Brand: SPES: Specification: Measurement: Size XS : Size S : Size M/L: Size XL: Palm girth (A) ~22cm ~23cm ~24cm ~26cm: Wrist to end of middle finger (B) ~18cm ~19cm ~20cm ~21cm: Wrist to end of thumb (C) ~13cm ~14cm ~15cm ~16cm. http://histfenc.com/https://www.facebook.com/historicalfencin Another edition of Paris HEMA Open is over! We are very proud that we had a chance to support it. Check out the gallery from this amazing event. ⚔ Die SPES Jacken sind auf großen internationalen Turnieren und Events nach wie vor der De-facto Standard. Achtet darauf euch keine Passende Schuhe sind ein oft unterschätzter Teil eurer HEMA-Ausrüstung. Dabei sind sie für den vollen Fechtgenuß aber unabdingbar. Ihr solltet während der Bewegung den Boden unter euch fühlen können, die Sohle sollte also nicht zu dick sein. Laufschuhe.

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SPES HEMA Back of the Head Protection. $35.00 Destroyer Modz Gorget. $40.00 SPES AP Jacket Light 350N (Men's) $215.00 SPES AP Jacket Light 350N (Women's) $215.00 SPES Hard Elbow Guards - Pair. $22.00 Destroyer Modz Kool Beans Forearm Pair. $35.00 SPES Heavy Gloves V1.0 - Pair. $195.00 Koning Gloves by St. Mark. $280.00 Padded Leather Gloves. $36.00 Rapier/singlestick gloves . $50.00 SPES. Personally, for the last few years or so I've been using SPES Heavies pretty much exclusively. Though I still think the idea of a protective unit of hands, forearm and elbow all joined up would be a quite good idea. --- This is a follow on to heavy sparring gloves and SPES arm protectors . Finally: a pretty good HEMA glove. Essentially I've created this final stage by removing the cuff from. SPES. Reloaded - Das Kampfringen Übungskissen. Wir sind sehr stolz Euch eine absolute Neuentwicklung vorstellen zu können. So wie es im Win Tsung die Übungsholzpuppen gibt, steht jetzt auch uns historischen Fechtern ein Übungsgerät zur Verfügung. Das Schwert&Bogen Übungskissen! Wer schon einmal versucht hat die ganzen . Administrator 30. April 2020 30. April 2020 Allgemein Weiterlesen.

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The Sparring Gloves are almost entirely handmade and created as a result of thorough analysis of all kinds of possible fighting injuries based on many years of sparring experience Dec 23, 2019 - Materialize is a Material Design Admin Template,It's modern, responsive and based on Material Design by Google

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HEMA Supplies is the North American distributor for the fabled Black Armoury HEMA jackets and our own line of Scholar Jackets which both provide top-shelf comfort and protection for nearly any modern HEMA environment. Black Armoury jackets have become very popular for their total overhaul and innovation to the typical HEMA jacket design. Black Armoury jackets are known around the world for. Getting started in HEMA doesn't have to be an expensive pursuit. Starting out with our club, very little equipment is necessary, all we require is athletic clothing and training shoes. As you progress you'll want to start gradually acquiring your own gear, to make things a little easier we've compiled a list of required an Feb 5, 2019 - JF ringen jacket - Torso protectors - SPES Historical Fencing Gea HEMA Supplies carries all three Sparring Gloves models; the 5-Finger Specials, the Hoof, and the Classic Mittens. We can also assist you with custom fitted gloves and/or assorted colors to accent and individualize your gloves. If we are ever out of stock for your size please be sure to use the contact form at the bottom of each page and get on our waiting list. This way we contact you first. SPES - Axel Pettersson Damen-Fechtjacke V3 - schwarz. Um der ständig wachsenden Anzahl von weiblichen HEMA-Anhängern eine geeignete Jacke bieten zu können, wurde diese Jacke entwickelt. Die Jacke basiert Bewaard door Veerle jf.

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The Axel Petterson Fencing Jacket is one of the most commonly used upper body protection in HEMA circles. It's based around medieval gambesons and modern fencing jackets. It comes in several different variations in both protectiveness and price. You can find several reviews on the SPES website. Review by Matt Easton: Review by Aidan Blake: HEMA Reviews review: Spanish review with some close. hema historical fencing fencing fencer sparring gloves spes wma sketch martial art longsword. 7 notes. Your hands are the most vulnerable while doing HEMA so don't save on any of these! They are also used as an inner gloves for the Sparring Gloves for fighting with steel weapons. Red Dragon Gloves are good for drills and synthetic sparring (can be augmented with SPES fingertip protectors). There are plenty of different gloves available but I would strongly recommend to get at least a pair of. Lobster Panzerhandschuhe von SPES mit Kunststoff-Protektoren. Diese Fechthandschuhe schützen Hände und Finger vor Hieben und Stichen durch Fechtfeder und Dussack. Die Fechthandschuhe verfügen über Protektoren aus Plastik, die den Handrücken und die Finger schützen. Die Handgelenke werden durch 11 cm lange mit zusätzlichen Verstärkungen. 3.Platz: Repair & Maintance Kit for HEMA gear von Spes. Säbel. 1.Platz: Ein Hinterkopfschutz von Spes. 2.Platz: 50€ Gutschein von 3Wunder. 3.Platz: 50€ Gutschein von PBT. Die Turnierleitung bemüht sich Preisen zu wählen, die von aktiven Fechtern sinnvoll für ihr Training genutzt werden können. Weiters liegt es uns am Herzen diese Preise möglichst fair auf die Disziplinen aufzuteilen.

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# HEMA # HistoricalFenci ng. Mar 4, 2019 · Public · in Timeline Photos. SPES Historical Fencing Gear's Photos. View Full Size. SPES Historical Fencing Gear - Gen. Józefa Bema 91-105, 87-100 Torun, Poland - ocena 5 glede na 1 mnenje »By far the best customer service, along with a.. PBT HEMA jacket - Pros: inexpensive, comes in very small sizes (useful for kids), not bulky, removable inserts, comes in men's and women's. Cons: back zipper, synthetic material (has a tendency to hold smell). They are imported from Hungary and can be found at PBT Historical Fencing. SPES AP jacket - Pros: fairly inexpensive, very flexible, front zip, comes in different colors, custom is not. Feb 6, 2019 - Vectir Occipital Overlay - Head protection - SPES Historical Fencing Gea Hersteller von für HEMA konzipierter Schutzausrüstung: SPES (Polen), PBT (Ungarn), Allstar (Deutschland), AbsoluteForce (USA). Dabei sind die drei letztgenannten etablierte Hersteller von Ausrüstung für Sportfechten, die seit einigen Jahren spezialisierte HEMA Produktelinien führen; SPES ist ein gänzlich auf HEMA ausgerichteter Hersteller www.instagram.co

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